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Prestar Storage System Sdn Bhd (PSSSB) carrying "MYSTAR" brand, is one of the leading manufacturers for Storage Racking System and Pallet Rack products from Malaysia. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prestar Resources Berhad (PRB). If you have any enquiries on the kinds of Pallet Rack that are suitable for your storage needs, feel free to contact us...[...] 

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  • Knowledgeable & Experienced Team
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Heavy-Duty Racking System:
The most commonly used Storage Racking System for palletized goods and it could cater for shelf load as high as 4000Kgs/Level or 2000Kgs Per Pallet Weight. Normally these types of Racking System are used in conjunction with different type of material handling equipment (MHE) e.g., forklift, reach truck, stackers, or vna trucks. [...]


Medium-Duty Racking System:
An alternative storage solution for Storage Racking System requirements that have products' weight load NOT MORE THAN 1,000Kgs and the products storing and retrieving is based on hand loaded. [...]


Light-Duty Racking System:
Another popular Storage Racking System for storage requirements with shelve load LESS THAN 400Kg/Level. These are the most versatile and economical type of ready-made racking system. [...]


Racking System Accessories:
With various industries storage requirements, our Design & Engineering (D&E) team have further enhance the compatibility and versatility of MYSTAR Pallet Rack & Racking System introducing a series range of accessories. [...]