PRESTAR RESOURCES BERHAD (PRB), is a Public Listed company on Bursa Malaysia since 1995. It was incorporated in 1984 under the name of Prestar Industries Sdn Bhd as a private company. It was subsequently converted into a Public Limited Company and was listed on the Second Board of Bursa Malaysia in 1995. On 1 October 2003, PRB has successfully transferred its listing status to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia.

PRB is principally an investment holding company with subsidiary and associated companies that mainly engaged in the steel-processing and steel-products manufacturing activities with factories in Malaysia and Vietnam.

During the initial in cooperation, PRB has started its manufacturing activities as a Material Handling Equipment (MHE) manufacturer for Wheelbarrows, Hand Trucks, Castors, Platform Trucks and etc. At later stage, it has further enhance its product range in MHE, via ventured into the manufacturing for all kinds of steel shelving and pallet racking system, which mainly to cater for domestic or overseas market.

Ever since then, PRB has gradually diversified and expanded its subsidiaries business activities by moving upstream e.g., reprocessing of steel mother coils into slit coils / cut-sheets. In 2002, PRB hadentered into a joint-venture agreement with POSCO (the world third largest steel mill from Korea), to establish a Coil Center for steel coils processing activities and targeted to supplies for Automotive, Electrical & Electronic, Office Equipment and Metal Stamping Industries. Through this strategic alliance with POSCO, PRB has further strengthen its leading edge in the steel processing industry and has been known for its reliability, quality assurance and strong technical backup in its material supplies.

PRB has also expanded into the manufacturing of Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipes / Hollow Sections, Steel Highway Guardrails, Steel Flat Bars, Steel Purlins, Steel Shelving and Racking for storage usage. Besides that, its subsidiary companies are also involved in the designing and fabrication of metal stamping tools and dies and hot-dipped galvanizing services.

Today, PRB has transformed into a leading steel-processing / manufacturing Group focusing on the following main activities:-

  • Slitting & shearing of Carbon & Stainless Steel mother coils into Slitted Coils/Sheets
  • Roll-forming of Carbon Steel Pipes & Hollow Sections
  • Roll-forming of Stainless Steel Pipes & Hollow Sections
  • Manufacturing of Steel Flat Bars & Steel Purlins
  • Manufacturing of Wheelbarrows & Material Handling Products
  • Manufacturing of Steel Shelving & Pallet Racking and other storage equipment
  • Manufacturing of Highway Guardrails

The manufacturing activities of Prestar Group are mainly carried out on two manufacturing plants with a total built-up area of 60,000 sq. meter (650,000 sq. ft.) on a 90,000 sq. meter (1 million sq. ft.) industrial land in Rawang Industrial Estate which houses its subsidiary companies i.e. Prestar Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Prestar Precision Tube Sdn Bhd, Prestar Storage System Sdn Bhd, Prestar Engineering Sdn Bhd and Prestar Galvanising Sdn Bhd and its associated company POSCO-MKPC Sdn Bhd (a joint-venture company between Prestar & POSCO, Korea).

Another manufacturing facility of the Group is situated at Penang, northern part of Peninsular Malaysia, with a built-up area of 26,000 sq. meter (281,000 sq. ft.) on a 38,693 sq. meter (416,340 sq. ft.) industrial land which houses its subsidiary company, Tashin Steel Sdn Bhd.

Apart from manufacturing, PRB's subsidiaries are also involved in the sales & distributions of Hardware Building related products and tools, Material Handling Equipment and Steel Coils & Sheets with offices and warehouses in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

In line with its ongoing diversification and expansion plan, PRB is constantly looking for new business opportunities and strategic alliances with local and overseas partners to further enhance its earning base as well as gaining synergistic effects to the Group's existing activities.


PRESTAR Group's Structure