Our client’s background & nature of business

ThungHua Sinn Group Thailand, established in 1953. And Core business includes manufacture of all paper label specification, folding cartons, packaging film extrusion, optical medical packaging, food packaging and all type of offset commercial printing.

Bussiness Challenges

  • Compact footprint – existing plant have limited space for company new business expansion.

  • New business expansion will increase number of worker as well as different type of material handling equipment. Customer looking for more efficiency warehouse flow requirements to meet less worker, less MHE, less space, at the same time able to increase throughput.

Our proposed storage solution

New warehouse expansion plant with space allowed 91,700mmW x 14,100mD x 22,800H. System integrator managed to designed ASRS solution achieving 5844 pallet location. System height22,120mm, double deep with close face design. Number of level with 13, 15, 16 & 18 beam level.

What is ASRS?

ASRS, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are just that automated systems that efficiently and securely store items in a compact footprint.  ASRS also allows users to easily and quickly retrieve items when needed. The system consists of sub-system such as Racking system, Stacker system, Conveyor system, Management and Controlling system. The system technologies handle different volume and types of inventory at variable speeds to accommodate varying throughput demands.


  • Improve warehouse utilization, reduce storage land, and save land investment costs

  • Facilitate the formation of advanced logistics systems and improve the production management level of enterprises

  • Accelerate the access rhythm of goods and increase production efficiency

  • Reduce labor intensity, improve workers' working environment and reduce labor costs

  • Easy to achieve overall system optimization, improve production and logistics management

  • Realize all-round real-time management of storage materials in the transfer process

  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of inventory with automated, semi-automated identification

The storage system consists of:

Frame High 22,120mm
Bay Width 2,700mm
Pallet Type 4-way plastic pallet
Load per Level 2,000kgs
Beam Type close face
Pallet Location 5844 pallets