Our client’s background & nature of business

Nature of Business: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) / Personal Hygiene & Skin Care Products

Bodibasixs Manufacturing SdnBhd is a renowned personal care & skin care contract manufacturer in Malaysia founded in 1995. Their expertise includes Private Label formulation and also serving as a one stop center in product formulation development, sourcing, and logistics support.

Our client’s problem

  • In need of space optimization of their existing warehouse to increase an additional of 70% storage capacity from their existing 960 pallet locations storage capacity for the storage purposes of their raw materials and finished goods.

  • Non-segregated storage area of raw material and finished goods causing operational efficiency issues during peak business season.

Our proposed storage solution

Several meetings and proposals on converting their Selective Racking System to Double Deep Racking System have been presented to the Management of Bodibasixs, with the following key considerations in mind:

  • The proposed system has doubled Bodibasix’s storage capacity at the same time meeting the investment budget of the company.

  • The proposed system would be able to utilize back all of its existing Selective Racking System, hence reducing cost of investment.

  • The proposed system has eased the entire operational flow of their warehouse achieving greater efficiency.

What is Double Deep Racking System?

Double Deep Racking is designed to store 2 pallets deep, consisting of 2 standard Selective Racking set up in a back to back configuration, which provides access of 2 pallets from the same side of the aisle with one placed behind towards at the back of the pallet rack.


  • Increases storage density & capacity up to 30% more than Selective Racking.

  • Suitable for Last-In First Out (LIFO) operation.

  • Convertible from Selective Racking.

  • Do not require a large number of homogeneous pallet types.

The storage system consists of:

Racking Height 8000mm
Pallet Type 4 Way Plastic Pallet
Loading Capacity per Level 2000 KG
Storage Capacity (Before Conversion to Double Deep System) 960 pallets
Storage Capacity (After Conversion to Double Deep System) 2200 pallets