Our client’s background & nature of business

Nature of Business: Food & Beverage

RM Food Inc. (RMFI), located in the heart of industrial area of Pulilan Bulacan, Philippines, is the biggest toll packer company in The Philippines. RMFI operates a 2 hectare factory that serves a repacking business for one of the largest consumer brands, Nestle Philippines.

Our client’s problem

  • Client is looking for improved storage system, to meet the warehouse flow requirements with short shelf life, energy saving, less maintenance and less space and under safe working work place.

  • Frame configuration and beams position are the most important parts for racking structure in order to suit to roller module and sloppy bays.

  • Beam deflection is a key specification to ensure the dynamic system rolls as it is.

Our proposed storage solution

Dynamic storage solutions reportedly designed to save up to 50% space and reduce up to 70% travel distances. Means that the system is not only goes with capacity to contain products, but also with the required throughput. Roller Pushback has been designed as a dedicated LIFO system, which can achieve 80-90% occupancy utilization. And one of the main features is product is fed at the aisle with operator doesn’t has to get along into the bay like Drive-in Racking System….as safety is one of the customer’s key concern!

What is Dynamic Storage?

In one intelligent warehouse, it is always a combination of different systems related to fast or slow movers, and it can be static or dynamic solution. Dynamic storage which is also known as live storage, comes with inclined wheels or rollers that allow products to flow, uses gravity to transport items to picking locations. In summary, the system itself is alive!


  • Accessibility; increase the storage density immensely without affecting access to the product and eliminate honeycombing effect. Reachable from the aisle with short distance to drive.

  • Organized & Convenient; product is stored and organized in a way that makes retrieval extremely convenient for workers. Increasing efficiency and safety with user-friendly concept.

  • High Throughput; quicker operational maneuvers for picking. The system reduces travelling and picking times, whether it’s reducing the number of aisles or reducing picking times, when the product is there ready at the aisle!

  • Very Low to No Maintenance; Its playground is only at the aisle, with very minimum interaction to physical racking structure. The system flow concept, single aisle design will keep customer’s headache away when customer doesn’t have to worry on rack repairs/replacements. *comparatively study vs Drive-in rack.

The storage system consists of:

Racking Height 9,600mm
Pallet Size 1,200mmW x 1,000mmD x 1,300mmH
No. of Storage Level/Bay 6
Load per Level 1,000kgs & 1,300kgs
Pallet Location 2,592 pallets

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