Dynamic Storage Racking System

Also knowing as Live Storage, Dynamic Storage is consist of a number of systems that to be added into pallet racking system to work with pallets,tote boxes or cartons. It is suitable for goods that perish quickly, e.g. foodstuffs. Via Dynamic Storage, it would ensure these product being stored & retrieve fast enough to ensure the stock rotation could match perfectly with the expiry dates. 

The most common 3 types of Dynamic storage racking comes in three different forms. 


This is a design which works by inserting goods into the back of the structure and removing them from the front. 

This is an excellent method of storage because it means perfect stock rotation will be achieved. It also offers a good storage density and each carton is supported providing a high level of quality storage. Picking errors could be minimized by giving each product a dedicated lane.


This method uses special beams and pushback assembly subframes running front to back in each bay. The tracks are mounted at an angle so when a forklift truck pushes a  pallet into a bay, the one that is already there is pushed backwards. When the pallet at the front is removed, the one behind it will roll to the front. 

One of the features of this system is that the pallets can be stocked four deep, conserving space and allowing easy organizing of your stock


This works in exactly the same way as carton live storage except on a much bigger scale. Whole pallets can be stored in this way making it ideal for fast moving, perishable goods   that are received and dispatched in large quantities. 

One of the main features of using this system is that any size and shape of pallet can be handled.