Longspan Shelving System

MYSTAR LONGSPAN 500 (LS500) SYSTEM with ergonomic profiles are designed for medium-duty warehouse applications yet in a not bulky appearance. With profile design & capabilities that proves to be stronger that Boltless System and almost similar as Pallet Racking System, the system can either be used as Storage Rack or Mezzanine System.

The LS500 system is suitable for industrie/businesses that fall into following characteristic:

Hand-Loaded Storage

 The LS500 system is intended for hand loaded storage method, whereby products stored are placed onto the beams or shelves and picked from them manually.

Medium-Duty Storage

 For storing of products’ weight NOT MORE THAN 1,000kgs.  

Storage & Display Equipment

 The LS500 system can be designed and used as storage/display equipment for retail industries.