Selective Pallet Racking System

Selective Pallet Racking System (SPR) is the most commonly racking system  used , for storing multiple locations and 100% selectivity. This system offers the most economical, efficient storing and retrieval of pallets. Furthermore different kind of accessories could be added & customized, based on customer various storage requirement

The advantages of SELECTIVE Racking System :-

  • 100% Selectivity
  • Suitable for First-In First Out (FIFO) operation
  • High Visibility on stored goods
  • Multi product locations

For Selective Pallet Racking, the height of Upright Frame and density of Racking Layout Design are limited based on type of MHE used. The most commonly used & preferred are:

Reach Truck
Aisle Width (W)
Lifting Height (H)
Varies by Brand & Model