Our client’s background & nature of business

Nature of Business : Food industry

PT Mega Marine Pride, established in 1984 is one of the leading seafood product providers in Surabaya. Products of Mega Marine have been consumed in high volumes in multifarious markets globally including North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. They have a wide range of products and serve for both conventional and custom-made orders upon request.

Our client’s problem

  • Storage capacity is limited and high density pallets are needed to be stored.

  • Conventional Selective Pallet Racking can only store 30-40% of the total pallet.

  • Sooking for optimized storage solution and reduce man-power.

Our proposed storage solution

Shuttle Racking involves usage of Radio Shuttle unit which help in maximizing warehouse storage by reducing working aisles. This system can cope with LIFO, FIFO operation that’s normally practiced in cold storage, food & beverage industry.

Advantages of Shuttle Racking

  • Greatly improve warehouse storage capacity with this high density storage solution.

  • Number of MHE can be reduced due to lesser working aisle which results in reducing overall man-power and labour cost.

  • Radio Shuttle provide high efficiency in load & unloading of pallet, which increase overall throughput & productivity.

The storage system consists of:

Warehouse size 40050mmW X 14250mmL X 11800mmH
Racking Height 11500mm
Pallet Type 2 Way Plastic Pallet
Pallet Size (D) x (W) x (H) 1200mm x 1000mm x 1200mmH
Loading Capacity per pallet 1,000 KH
Storage Capacity 1800 pallets