Our client’s background & nature of business

Nature of Business : Retail

Alfamidi (PT Midi Utama Indonesia) started in June 2007, has a large franchised chain of convenience stores in Indonesia, with over 5,000 stores across Indonesia that cater to weekly and monthly needs. This widely known minimarket is almost in every neighborhood. Alfamidi is said to be serving 2.5million customers daily.

Our client’s problem

  • Racking supplier need to collaborate with conveyor system provider to supply the whole warehouse solution which major in picking operation & storage solution.

  • Required picking operation. Items retrieved from pallet and certain quantities of item are picked out to deliver to each location.

  • High Throughput warehouse is required to accommodate the daily operation.

Our proposed storage solution

Selective Pallet Racking System (SPR) is the most commonly racking system used, for storing multiple locations and 100% selectivity. This system offers the most economical, efficient storing and retrieval of pallets. Furthermore different kind of accessories could be added & customized, based on customer various storage requirement

The advantages of SELECTIVE Racking System :-

  • 100% Selectivity

  • Suitable for First-In First Out (FIFO) operation

  • High Visibility on stored goods

  • Multi product locations

Structural Steel Platform(SSP) is a mezzanine but it was built via long steel items, eg I-Beam, RSC Beam, Hallow Section and etc. Similarly as MTR, based on requirement, there are various type of Floor Decking Type & Accessories could be added to the design of SSP.

The main 2 advantage of SSP is :

  • Have fewer columns beneath the platform.

  • Customizable to floor loading as high as 1000Kgs/m2.

Combination of both SPR & SSP systems provides working space and increase mobility on the platform to suit end user’s required operation flow. With our customized design, conveyor system sits perfectly in our system to ease the flow and increase efficiency.

The storage system consists of:

Warehouse Size 165,525mmW X 68,275mmL X 12000mmH
Racking Height 7,400mm / 8,700mm
Loading Capacity per pallet: 1,000kgs
Storage Capacity Approx: 7,500 Pallets, Approx 150,000 Boxes