Cart Push Back Malaysia

Product Description

Cart push back, or push back racking, is a type of pallet storage that enables you to stack pallets up to six deep on either side of an aisle, providing higher storage density than other types of racking in Malaysia. Utilising a Last In First Out (LIFO) operation, a push-back pallet racking combines the drive-in rack’s density with the ability to provide a single-lane selectivity.

Completely operational in freezers and coolers, each lane’s gangway comprised a pair of inclined rails with a series of nesting carts. In order to load the following pallet, the forklift moves the top cart back, revealing a cart underneath. The last pallet is placed on the rails and the process is repeated until all carts have been utilised. The rear pallets automatically flow forward as the front pallets are withdrawn.

Benefits of Push Back Racking

  • Provide both selective and high-density storage
  • Increased capacity and faster material handling
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Highly compatible with other adjustable pallet rack systems
  • Safeguard the goods and protect the safety of employees

Interested in Our Cart
Push Back in Malaysia?

Interested in Our Cart Push Back in Malaysia?

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