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Selective Pallet Racking System

Product Description

One of the most economical and commonly used racking systems, selective pallet racking enables the user to access any individual pallet load from the pallet racking system without having to move any other pallets. Incredibly dynamic and efficient, selective pallet racking systems provide maximum flexibility to significantly increase storage efficiency, visibility, and density.
With two rows of single-row pallet racking placed back-to-back per aisle and up multiple levels, a FIFO (First In, First Out) inventory control method is applied. Streamlining inventory demand, selective pallet racking systems comprise racks that are divided into sections or zones which correspond to specific goods.


  • Able to cater to almost all warehouse storage needs
  • Easy individual access to all pallets
  • Utilise all available storage space
  • Compatible with various handling equipment styles
  • Minimal and cost-effective storage solution
  • Rapid handling of goods to deliver swift stock rotation

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