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Long-Span Shelving System

Product Description

A suitable storage solution for small and medium-sized products is long-span shelving or racking system. There are different sizes and types of long-span shelves available, and the products are placed in and taken out of a drum, box, or bigger carton. Long-span shelving units are available in various decking materials such as wire mesh, steel, or plywood.
Essentially, long-span shelving has a similar design and set-up to a pallet racking system. However, the former has a smaller dimension and lesser weight load capacity. Long-span shelving is suitable for storing medium-duty goods not exceeding 1000kg.
Long-span systems are customisable, delivering a bespoke raking solution to accommodate your space and goods. Bolt-free locking mechanisms are used in contemporary long-span shelving to maintain the support beams’ stability. Long-span systems are great for displaying equipment, as well as medium-duty and hand-loaded storage.


  • Save ground space with reliable vertical storage
  • Easily integrated, installed, and maintained
  • Provide utmost flexibility and adjustable height
  • Innovative shelving structure that enables easy access to goods
  • Minimal and cost-effective racking solution

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