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Racking System Supplier Malaysia

Trusted Racking System Manufacturer & Supplier in Malaysia

PSSSB was founded in 2001 to provide customers with maximised and efficient warehouse storage space solutions. Over the years, we evolved as a racking system supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia, dedicated to encouraging renewed and strategic uses of space. We developed innovative storage solutions to help our clients achieve higher storage outputs at minimal costs.

Racking System Manufacturer Malaysia

Racking System Supplier with Competitive Pricing

Headquartered in Rawang, Malaysia, we leverage a blend of advanced manufacturing facilities and technical expertise to deliver impeccable services and products. We complement our diverse product portfolio with certified steel materials and qualified workmanship, providing racking system & storage solutions that meet international quality as well as safety standards.

Prestar: Racking System Supplier & Manufacturer with Competitive Pricing

Racking System Solution Supplier

Racking System Supplier for a Better Future

With decades of experience, our team of skilled engineers and technicians in Malaysia has honed their expertise in racking system design, manufacturing, and supply. As we look ahead, we envision a future of boundless possibilities. We aim to continue pushing the boundaries of racking system innovations in Malaysia, expanding our offerings, and continuing to be your trusted partner in storage optimisation supplier and solution manufacturer.

Prestar Vision


Defining our business purpose

As a reliable racking system supplier, we aim to be your ultimate partner for racking and shelving storage solutions in Malaysia as well as becoming Southeast Asia’s preferred intralogistics solutions provider. To this end, we continuously level up the ‘MYSTAR’ brand, complying with international standards and quality requirements and ensuring the peace of mind of our clients.


Putting purpose into practice

  • To design, innovate and deliver high-quality pallet racking and shelving systems that meet international standards and the needs of various customers.
  • To remain committed, continuously improve and exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • To maximise storage space and enhance intralogistics efficiency by leveraging our industry knowledge and experience.

Core Values

Uniting our people and purpose

Customer First

Customer First

With decades of experience globally and locally, we understand customers’ needs, providing tailored solutions and products to enhance their intralogistics performance.

Quality Excellence

Quality Excellence

Our products are built with quality in mind, complying with British, EURO and FEM Standards. We ensure strict quality control and assurance with testing in the laboratory.

Long-Term Thinking

Long-Term Thinking

We strive to lay a solid foundation with our customers and grow together with them as their business grows.



We believe that honesty and integrity are integral to a business’s success. Thus, we uphold industry best practices and abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

Our Team

Collaborating to leave no stone unturned

At PSSSB, we take immense pride in our diverse and talented team, the driving force behind our success. Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise, contributing to the strength and versatility of our team. With a shared passion for excellence, we work together to become a racking system supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia that makes a difference.

Our Journey

From our foundation to the present day


Formerly known as Competitive Scale Sdn Bhd, focusing on Light Duty Shelving, such as gondola and boltless shelving systems.



Prestar Storage System Sdn Bhd was incorporated, together with a team of experienced and dedicated engineers and production personnel from Competitive Scale Sdn Bhd.



Launch of ‘MYSTAR’ brand with expanded systems, ranging from Heavy Duty Pallet Racking System to Light Duty Boltless Shelving System.



Successfully secured as ODM shelving supplier for USA retailers, Quantum Storage System.



Sales and installation of the ‘MYSTAR’ Racking and Shelving Storage System in the Middle East and Southeast Asia regions, such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.



  • Incorporation of PT Prestar MHE in Jakarta, Indonesia, with core activities of sales and marketing of PSSSB products in the Indonesian market.
  • Expanding into Automation Solutions by introducing the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) Racking as part of our product range.
  • PSSSB successfully secured the first supply of ASRS Racking to a reputable Japanese Factory in Johor, Malaysia.



Successfully marketed its products to more than 30 countries worldwide.



Secured sales contract of the design, manufacture, supply and installation of Pallet Flow ASRS Racking System for an FMCG manufacturer in Manila, Philippines.



Incorporation of our Thailand RO Registered Company in Bangkok to better meet local market needs.



Signing of Manufacturing Partnership Agreement with Murata Machinery Ltd (Japan) for the design, manufacture and supply of ASRS Racking System for Murata’s ASRS projects.



  • Enhanced production capabilities with the introduction of our 35 metres high Upright Post, mainly for the ASRS Racking System.
  • Signing of an Extended Manufacturing Partnership Agreement with Murata Machinery Ltd (Japan) for the supply of ASRS Racking System for Murata’s offices worldwide. This includes the USA, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and Europe region.


Racking System Supplier & Manufacturer for Complex Intralogistics Processes ​

Delivering only the best racking and shelving storage solutions for your needs.

Racking System Supplier & Manufacturer for Complex Intralogistics Processes

Delivering only the best racking and shelving storage solutions for your needs.

Racking System Supplier in Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As a racking system manufacturer and supplier, we provide a comprehensive suite of racking systems in Malaysia, including heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty racking systems, and automated storage and retrieval system .

Suitable for both commercial and industrial uses, all of our racking solutions are meticulously designed and manufactured under strict quality control. This is to ensure our clients receive exceptional results and long-term value.

A professional racking system manufacturer & supplier is able to offer high-quality racking solutions, subsequently elevating your business operations in Malaysia. Some benefits of using racking systems include the following:

  • Enhanced warehouse productivity and overall efficiency
  • Increased warehouse storage capacity with minimal capital
  • Streamlined transportation and handling processes
  • Reduced waste in time and costs
  • Avoid perilous injuries and damages

Racking systems are an excellent instrument for efficiently storing goods and products. These systems, if designed by a professional racking system manufacturer & supplier in Malaysia, will provide various advantages for an extensive range of industries, such as:

  • Automotive industry
  • Food & beverage industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Apparel industry
  • Construction industry
  • Retail industry
  • Third-party logistics industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Leading Racking System Supplier

Malaysia’s Reliable Racking System Supplier

With a focus on durability, safety, and space optimisation, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions that streamline your operations and maximise productivity. Discover your ideal racking solution and unlock the true potential of your space with the leading racking system supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia.

Explore Our Racking Solutions

Heavy Duty Rack

Exceptionally tough and stable

PSSSB offers commercial and industrial clients the right heavy-duty storage and shelving solutions for various applications and maximum throughput. Designed to withstand heavy and bulky loads, our heavy-duty racking systems can also be used for non-standard-sized items and items stored on pallets.

Explore Our Rack Solutions​: Heavy Duty Rack​

Selective Pallet Racking System

Heavy Duty Rack​: Selective Pallet Rack

Double Deep
Racking System

Heavy Duty Rack​: Double Deep Racking System

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racking System

Heavy Duty Rack​: Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racking System

Drive-In Racking System

Double Deep Racking System

Steel Platform

Heavy Duty Rack​: Structural Steel Platform

Racking System

Heavy Duty Rack​: Cantilever Racking System

Racking System

Heavy Duty Rack​: Multi-tier Racking system

Long-Span Shelving System

Medium Duty Rack: Long-Span Shelving System

Medium Duty Rack

Versatile and Multifunctional
Catering to both industrial and commercial sectors, our medium-duty systems are suitable for storing medium-sized items, non-palletised goods and oddly shaped items. With quick and easy assembly, the long-span shelving rack system is a durable and versatile solution for compact storage with manual handling.

Light Duty Rack

Compact and Lightweight

Light-duty shelving systems at PSSSB can accommodate lightweight items, spare parts and cartons. Available in a number of configurations with flexible, adjustable shelves, our boltless shelving system can be customised to fit your storage and product needs. As an ideal solution for residential use, our light-duty storage racks can be used in retail storerooms, garages, document archives, and more for easy access to goods.

Boltless Racking System

Light Duty Rack: Boltless Racking System
Live Automation Solutions

Live & Automated Storage

State-of-the-art storage solutions.
Whether partially or fully automated, our racking systems are designed to optimise existing workflows by enabling real-time tracking, storing and retrieval of items. Our automated storage and retrieval system helps to maximise storage space and allow easy access to various loads and is especially useful for facilities with heavy loads and high throughput.

Shuttle Racking System

Shuttle Racking System

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

Live & Automation Solutions: Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

Carton Flow System

Carton Flow System

Pallet Flow System

Live & Automation Solutions: Pallet Flow System

Cart Push Back

Cart Push Back
A leading high-quality industrial storage & racking system supplier.
Explore a diverse range of exceptional equipment associated with storage systems.