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Shuttle Racking System

Product Description

In a shuttle racking system, an improvised shuttle device from the conventional drive-in system travels on tracks on top the beam level. The device will pick up and transfer a pallet along the rails combined with high-density pallet racking. Pallets are either delivered to the racking system by the shuttle carrier or recovered from the racking and placed at the end of the lane for pickups.

Able to operate in temperatures ranging from -25°c to 0°c, the semi-automated device provides a high-density storage solution for various industries. Plus, it offers faster loading and unloading speed through innovative advancements for optimal warehouse operations.

Controlled remotely via a Wi-Fi network, a shuttle racking system makes the most of the usable area in your warehouse or storage facilities and streamlines daily operations. The system works best in warehouses that routinely load and unload lots of pallets, such as those used for cold storage, meat processing, and food and beverage distribution.


  • Provide intelligent inventory control via sensors installed in the shuttle
  • Lower the risks of human operators and equipment and inventory damage
  • Support high-density storage by increasing the height and depth of the racking system
  • Allow better precision of pallet organisation
  • Highly flexible, as well as time-and cost-saving
  • Faster loading times and reduced forklift travel period

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