Carton Flow System Malaysia

Product Description

The dynamic storage solution of a carton flow system, also referred to as flow racking, roller racking, or gravity flow, can significantly increase the efficiency of manual order picking and space usage in a warehouse in Malaysia. Carton flow systems are equipped with rollers or wheels, which establish lanes to move goods using gravity, facilitating very high selectivity of order pickup and restocking.

Accessible via the First In First Out (FIFO) principles, these racking systems increase the working and storage capacity in your warehouse by utilising the otherwise wasted space beneath its structure. Additionally, the flow system can also be designed as multi-level pick towers with conveyors to facilitate the simple movement of products that have been selected.

Benefits of a Flow System

  • Great for large warehouses with a large volume of manual
    picking operations
  • Increase storage space and pick locations
  • Accelerate efficiency via its ergonomic design
  • Provide greater product visibility with an open-space design
  • Effectively reduce distances covered in the warehouse

Interested in Our Flow
System in Malaysia?

Interested in Our Carton Flow System in Malaysia?

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