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Structural Steel Platform

Product Description

A structural steel platform is a mezzanine built using a long steel item, such as I-Beam, RSC Beam, and Hallow Section. Frequently used in warehouses globally, steel structure platforms are a robust storage solution that is great for the manual picking of goods for second-layer shelves.
These structural platforms are made from heavy, low-gauge steel components with a bolted connection. They are designed according to the site, functional, and logistic requirements.

Installing a structural steel system gives you more storage space without taking up extra space on the warehouse floor. On top of that, adding another level or layer of flow space minimises clutter, which subsequently aids in avoiding accidents or mishaps that could result in employee injuries and equipment damage.


  • Double available storage and floor space with minimal overhead cost
  • Customisable for floor loading up to 1000kgs/m2
  • Prevent employee injuries and equipment damage
  • Avoid time- and cost-consuming processes of moving premises
  • Enable easy relocation, including dismantling and reinstallation if needed 
  • Allow trucks to easily enter the steel structure to retrieve or place goods

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